LR: Well what’s so interesting is that the same company was buying all the labels were seeking up. So it didn’t matter. They went from family owned labels like Berry Gordy’s to conglomerates.

Kandie: It’s almost like in banking. Eventually it’s going to boil down to only two or three major entities.

After getting additional information on the label changes I steered the conversation into the upcoming touring. “Now with you saying all this, I see why you weren’t involved in touring at this time.”

LR: Actually, I steered away from the American market, only because to me, I like to tour with a record. In Europe I only toured probably twice during the ten years that I’d been off, and very successfully I must add but it was just over there you don’t necessarily need a gold record to do so. I think I chose to do that was because I wasn’t motivated enough to go. I had so many major things going on in my life. But the good part was, there was a point when I got tired of performing in front of my mirror one morning and was like you know, I think I better take this back on the road.

Kandie: So now we segue into Tina Turner’s 24/7 tour.

LR: Tina and I have been friends for a long time.

Kandie: Right, that leads me to my next question. Since you had been touring in Europe, that pretty much how this tour came about. I know your withstanding friendship with Ms. Turner has always been there but as far as this joint venture and then you, Lionel Richie, as the opening act.

LR: The interesting par about that is Europe and America are two different things. The thing with that was happening with me was that I was coming out with this new record and was trying to think, okay, now do I start out on a smaller scale and work upward or start out in Madison Square Garden where I left off? The trick at that time was, I needed a million people before April and June to see what I was all about. The questions you want to solve right away are, what does he look and sound like.

Kandie: So the songs on your tour with Ms. Turner are going to be from your new record?

LR: Not at all. I’m doing older stuff because that’s what people want. I’m probably only going to do about two song from my new CD during the show.

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