‘Renaissance’ followed in 2000 while he toured with Tina Turner and most recently “For You”. Mr. Richie was pressed for time, but I was able to interview him via phone. With the speaker volume to maximum and recorder ready, a formal introduction commenced our conversation. Mr. Richie and I had a hearty chuckle in regards to my name, “Your folks were definitely in a great mood, “Mr. Richie alluded to my name. “They had to be.”

After a few banters he paused momentarily then sighed. “I don’t know why, but I always come to New York with the illusion that I’m going to rest. And after I cover every place of the planet, I still walk on stage exhausted.”

Kandie: Mr. Richie, I know I don’t have a long length of time to speak with you so I’m
going to jump into the questions and let things evolve from there. If I get too
personal let me know.

LR: You can’t mess this up. I’ll make this so painless for you they won’t know the
difference.” I thanked him and continued.

Kandie: The name Lionel Richie is very well known. To me it’s really not a name that
needs a lot of promotions and marketing. It’s a name that when you hear it you
immediately know the quality of the artist and buy the album.

LR: Oh thank you. Well let me hire you right quick.

We laughed at his remark , especially in comparison to the sales of “Louder Than Words”.

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