Kandie: With your last two albums, I don’t recall hearing or reading much in that
promotional sense and it didn’t appear like they got enough marketing. I wanted
to get your feelings on that. Did it have anything to do with your label change?

LR: Actually it was a combination of label change and label sells. It was really
interesting because we went from the ‘Dancing on the Ceiling’ album, then I think
it was the ‘Back to Front’ album, which was a greatest hits package and the
company sold. We went through a phase of musical executives. Every
executive started changing. The old regime of Motown was totally dissolved,
which was interesting and that’s when the merger happened.

Kandie: Yeah that’s around the time of the ‘new aged’ boy groups like Boys II Men.”
LR: Well Boys II Men were already there, when I did the ‘Back to Front’ Album. I
think what happened after that was it was not only my record that you didn’t hear
a lot about, but after that you probably couldn’t really name any Boys II Men’s,
Sting’s or U2’s next record. It was interesting that the label went through uh, a
series of um, I think they were just trying to put anew label together. Of course in
life who would have thought that Polygram would buy out Motown and Island.

Kandie: I didn’t even…gosh, I didn’t even know all that took place. You would think with such a large acquisition that it would have been mentioned in some media format. True they would want to keep it quiet but then these are major labels with major artists.

LR: There was a whole complete roster of different artists across the board there were very involved in this. (Laughter) It was a period of transition. Everyone went from a very boutique type label. There was A&M and Island Records, which were, specialized labels and then all of a sudden one company bought everything up. Getting all that to run properly was probably a very difficult task.

Kandie: So is that what prompted you to seek another label?

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