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Lionel Richie: Changing Labels Doesn’t Change the Man (Part 1)

Remember your first date or the senior prom? What about that first kiss at your front door? Now remember the setting? Was it by candlelight? Maybe moonlight. Maybe it was in front of a rippling fire springing from the hearth? These are the priceless moments that live on in many memories just like timeless songs that helped set the mood.

From Alabama to The Commodores to the launch of a spiraling solo career, Lionel Richie has accomplished more in the music industry than some accomplish in their lives. With over fifty million records sold worldwide (as of circa 2000) and several prestigious awards for songwriting, music composition and best selling records, it’s no wonder Lionel Richie has become an integral part of our lives.

After ten years of overcoming personal adversities and label changes, Mr. Richie came back ready to grapple the music industry with his release of “Louder Than Words’ in 1996. That release proved to reflect disappointing sales. However,  Mr. Richie climbed back with a follow up entitled ‘Time’ in 1998.

‘Time’ was impregnated with soft ballads and light funk, not to mention his belated version of ‘Lady’ which did wonders in the cross over appeal for country singer, Kenny Rogers. Although ‘Time’ wasn’t laced with the traditional vibe of his older songs that brought him to the heights of his solo career, it still showcased great music and his uncanny versatility.

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