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Yeah I wrote “thangs” instead of “things”.  😉

In >>this post<< I said, “God is Able.”

I say this not only because God gave me a reason, sound mind, and opportunity to do these things, but more importantly, the courage.  It’s so easy to get “comfortable” or “stagnate” and create “reasons a.k.a excuses” on why you didn’t, shouldn’t, forgot, or can’t do something.  Don’t believe I understand this flow?  Wrote a song about it. Wanna read it? Here it goes!



You need to get up and do
what you know you got to do
Stop pacing the room
like you fixin’ to, tryin’ to
but ain’t gonna do nothing

Stop with the alibis
You can be doing
so much more with your life

Chorus: Feel like doing something
Feel like doing something
That’s your daily anthem
But you’re still doing nothin’

Feel like doing something
Feel like doing something
That’s your tired record
Still you’re doing nothin’

Nothing just falls in your lap
Need to work at things
to get some things
I hear some
Violins in the background
While you sing
“Why me, oh my” again


Repeat chorus, out. 

So you’ve read this far.

What are you gonna do about it? Your reasons are VALID. Please know this. Explaining how you feel, and why you believe you let dreams or actions slip through the night, works in order to process things. But be mindful who you become vulnerable to. Also, once you vent…


You can do all things, through Christ, who strengthens you!

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