As Valorie transformed from an entrepreneur to a motivational speaker and author to life strategist, she handled what some would call obstacles, as a chance to grow and be stretched. “It’s about reclaiming your time and focusing your priorities,” that’s sound advice from a woman who’s endured much at such a young age. When speaking of her goals she includes that she would like to do inspirational television and have more of a presence in the media and possibly have a syndicated column. “You know, I’d like to use the journalism degree I have.” Her humor trickles through the receiver and immediately I feel a kinship.

“Overall, I want a life with space. My aim is to have a life that is not so packed that you can’t enjoy the journey and be able to breathe.” Valorie has successfully mastered the balancing act of creating time to spend with God, Family, Career and Self and she encourages all women, single or married, to do the same. “There’s no choice but to wait on God, patiently and joyfully. Make use of your time productively and trust God. It’s time to embrace where we are, and to open our minds to what God wants us to do. When you get clear about God’s will for you, you can’t fail at that, because God created you.

When you’re outside of that, that’s when you lose confidence.” Surely Ms. Burton is doing what she’s called to do and she’s got the confidence to prove it! Still even the most confident of people can have time management problems. She addresses this next step in personal evolution in her latest book, “How did I get so busy”.

“In society there’s this urgency to become busier than ever. People do have a choice in scheduling. Often times, our scheduling can be based on more than just priorities, sometimes it’s out of fear.” Valorie should know, it was fear that pushed her to become an overachiever. After being a cadet at the United States Air Force Academy for a year, she transferred to two other colleges before graduation – all in a three year period. She continued on to graduate school, finishing a master’s degree in journalism at 21. “I thought if I finished early it would be a better reflection about me. But in rushing through college and life I missed something. I missed the college experience and things I could’ve gotten involved in.

“I’ve rushed my entire life, always staying busy.” Although she doesn’t live a life of regrets, she does value the importance of ‘stopping to smell the roses’. Things in life will happen to slow you down and literally force you to re-evaluate your life. In her latest book, How Did I Get So Busy?, Ms. Burton uses her ‘stretch filled’ moments as a testimony to challenge people to reconnect with what matters most in their lives. While you’re reconnecting, be sure to watch Valorie as a contributor on ABC family’s, “Living the Life,” which airs weekdays at 9:30 am.
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