Brave Enough to Succeed, Successful Women Think Differently, by Valorie Burton

Update 2018: Ms. Burton’s current book, “Brave Enough to Succeed”

Copyright 2007 by Kandie Delley. Originally published in W.O.W Magazine. Includes 2018 update. 

When it comes to evolution, you normally think of Darwin’s scientific theory; but evolution embodies transformation which is ultimately triggered by the dreaded catalyst of change. Change is uncomfortable; in fact watching your life shift around can make you can feel like your world is falling apart. Change can be intimidating and encapsulate new fears you didn’t even know you ad.

Most people don’t move past this fear and remain ‘stuck’ mentally and do not grow spiritually. Since change is part of life, whether you accept it or not, it will eventually happen. You can either be prepared for it or hold tight to a bumpy roller coaster ride. It’s when you decide to embrace change that it brings growth and maximizes one’s potential. That’s why reading books by authors like motivational speaker and life strategist Valorie Burton can help ease you through this transformation process.

As a sought-after life coach and speaker, Valorie Burton is the author of Listen to Your Life, What’s Really Holding You Back? her debut, Rich Minds, Rich Rewards, and Why Not You? 28 Days to authentic Confidence, all published by divisions of Random House, Inc. Ms. Burton is a frequent media contributor and has engaged in hundreds of interviews from The Los Angeles Times, The 700 Club and Essence to the ABC Radio and CNN.

When your speaking and communication platform includes organizations like the above as well as American Airlines, Toyota, O, The Oprah Magazine and Ohio University and some of the nation’s largest churches including The Potter’s House (Dallas), Lakewood Church (Houston), and New Birth (Atlanta), a person has to not only have a calling and passion for public speaking, but they must also have the confidence that comes with such a ministry.

After completing her Master’s degree at the age of 21, Valorie Burton began working as a marketing director for an accounting firm in Dallas, Texas. Soon people began asking her to do pr work. Within two years, she took a leap of faith and starting her own public relations company.

“It was scary, but the most important thing is to be willing to be in it for the long haul. And to have a clear vision of what your calling is.”

When asked about handling the responsibility and obstacles of becoming an entrepreneur, Ms. Burton explained, “I don’t see obstacles as stop signs.” Her wispy voice reverberated through the phone. “There were obstacles of course, but if you focus on obstacles they’ll block your path. I knew there were things that were going to be difficult, but the challenge is really about knowing when to close the door and move into a new direction.”

Go to page 2 for more of the interview . (Update 2018) Also check out her current books. Successful Women Think Differently, and Successful Women Speak Differently