Hey fam.

(pics included after the jump and I’ll send some video footage in the upcoming weeks!)

IMG_9973(Photo to left is the Lion’s Gate Bridge in Vancouver).  It’s  comparable to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. BUT Golden Gate seemed more majestic, and I do plan to drive across it one dya.

The vacation commenced early March and was much needed, between mid-terms in school, pending book deadlines, and other stuff I won’t get into. Let’s just say, this Kandie girl, needed a REAL vacay.

I grew up in the military mostly on the west coast.  Sunny SoCal (coastline and the Mojave Desert) as well as the Pacific Northwest were my stomping grounds until my pops retired and the family moved to Dallas to be with our “roots”.  LOL.  Still I missed Cali, so every chance I had I took a road trip from Dallas to Ventura County.  The last major road trip to Cali that I took was in 2002.

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