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Now on to my original 11.9.15 post about my trip to Maui below!

I have to represent for “jet lag”.  If it weren’t for it, I wouldn’t have slept enough on my trip to Maui.

Seriously.  I hiked, snorkeled, and kayaked, but not gonna lie, when I had some downtime, a sistah CRASHED on the sofa, at the airport, on the plane.  My aunt had to nudge me a couple of times because I went so deep into sleep that I snored.  LOL.

I hadn’t slept that good in AGES!

The day before we went to the airport was filled with running around for last minute items, in fact I was still getting travel bottles and SD cards at two in the morning, just a mere five hours before flight time.  Keep in mind, my trip to Maui commenced not 3 days after I wrapped production of my first short film, “A Day in the Life of Sarah Jane”.  Talk about running around like a chicken with it’s neck chopped off!

MORBID imagery, I know, but that’s how I felt.  The movie production had several hiccups from development to principal photography, but in the end, we grabbed the final scene just before midnight on the second day.  Right after that I had to go to to the slave, I mean…DAY gig, and make sure my desk was settled so that my back up wouldn’t be screaming to the hills while I was gone.  And then as the clock ticked its way to flight time, I imagined on all the things I’d do when I crossed the Pacific.

The flight to L.A. was nothing new. I’ve done it before several times, even took a road trip (by myself) from Dallas to L.A. a couple of times. But I hadn’t seen Tinsel Town since 2002, so I was so thrilled to be out of North Texas.  Don’t get me wrong, N.Tx is my home now, but I miss the weather and scenery of SoCal all the time.  Plus I’m a water baby.  I grew up along the Pacific coast line the first half of my life so…you know how that go.


My aunt and I ate a restaurant inside L.A.X and it was good. The bartender and cracked jokes and then when my aunt was done we walked around LA.X until I connecting flight was ready.  From there we took the long flight over to Honolulu Airport and then Maui!

While we were in Honolulu, I listened hard to see if they were shooting any scenes of my favorite TV show, “Hawaii Five-O”.  So such luck.

We got to our hotel, and needless today, it wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be based on the information we got from the internet so my aunt and I drove around that first day until we found a cute, tropical condo set up.  We went back to the first hotel, checked out and drove to the other and checked in.  We drove around for a few hours while they got our room ready and enjoyed the sights.  I loved driving in Maui.  Check out the pics below.

I’ll continue this adventure in another blog post and talk about my snorkeling and kayaking experience.  I have plenty of pics and video to share so keep posted.

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stay lit


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