KD: How long did it take to acquire you first major role as stuntman or stunt coordinator?

IC: It took me about a year.

KD: Have you written or produced any independent projects while in Los Angeles?

IC: I did when I first got to L.A. but quickly found it to be a waste of money to do it just for fun. So nothing until there is a definite plan of something in return.

KD: Please explain what your daily schedule is like when you’re filming a movie?

IC: First I get to set at my call time. I check in with a PA(production assistant) to say I’m here. I then find the coordinator, my boss, to ask if he needs anything. If not, I wait in a trailer and put on my wardrobe. They’ll then call me on set when they need me and do the stunt. There might be rehearsals before hand depending on the stunt.

KD: Where do you see yourself five years from now?

IC: Doing the same thing with more money and a beautiful woman beside me.

KD: I’m sure the ladies out there will be happy to know they have a ‘chance’ to be on your arm one day. [LOL] Any tips or advice you can give to screenwriters and filmmakers planning to leave their home town for Los Angeles?

IC: I would say to have some money saved up and friends or family to help you. Also have some definite contacts lined up. I came out with $10,000.00 and stayed with my sister for 6 months. I knew a couple of people in the industry of stunts and It still took me about a year to break in.

KD: Any special projects you want to mention?

IC: Avatar was my special project and am proud to see how successful it has become.

For more on Ilram visit his website www.ilram.com

2018 update

Ilram is now retired from movie stunt work but you can see his travels and other “stunts” on his instagram page >> @ilramchoi

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