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My 7yr old niece,RoseMarie, dropped by (pleasantly) unexpectedly today and decided she would help me storyboard a scene for a micro short video project that I’m working on, (see her drawing above).  I love how she included the mic.  After I took the photo, she finished the scene by adding my nephew as boom operator, and my dog, Starr,as her co-star.

I bring this up because her imagination, drive, and innocence about the journey to filmmaking reminded me of myself when I was her age.  I remember using the viewfinder of an empty Polaroid camera from the ’80s, to frame shots of scenes with my younger (twin) sisters as the talent.  Now nearly 30 years later, a dream has come true.  Although I have made attempts before to get from script to screen, “A Day in the Life of Sarah Jane” is the first time, that I’ll be working with an experienced crew.

If you’re in the indie film industry–better yet–in any industry where you’re building from the ground up, then you can relate to some hurdles, set backs, and goal re-envisioning.  All that to say that, no matter how daunting the process became.  No matter how many times I wanted to give up, (even said that I would), still,  I never quit.

That’s because I have a foundation in Christ, whom I try to follow.  I also have a wonderful support system of family and a small circle of trusted friends who have been there to keep me motivated.

I look at my niece and see promise, a fresh start, and a legacy.

If you have a dream…

Better yet, a spark of an idea that you’ve been thinking about, or waiting for the right time to “get things started”. Then I encourage you to do the following.

Write the vision.

Don’t just “think it”. Take action and write it down.  Then create small action steps that you can work on daily, weekly, or monthly to get you one step closer to making that dream a reality.

Your opportunity may not come how or when you want it to. And it may seem “unnoticeable” until it forces you out of comfort zone, and opens you up to change.  Remember, God’s plan for your life can be totally different from “your plan”.

My plan was to write and act.  I never considered producing or even directing until a few years ago. I didn’t think about graphic design either.  But I learned these skills in pursuit of another and in the end, it brought me back to the dream of a toddler;-)

Speaking of which.

After I took the picture.  Here’s the dialog exchange between my niece and I.

Riri: “Auntie…hey auntie.”
me: “Yeah, sweetie what’s up?”
Riri: “You gonna write me a check?”
me: “For what?”
Riri: “For helping you out.” (on the storyboard)

Wow…I guess that’s the going rate “per scene” these days huh?

Good luck to you and all the best.


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