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Hey there! thanks for visiting my spot.

I worked at a bank for eight years, ending that journey in Global Trade Services (International Treasury Management). Then I moved into advertising accounting and marketing where I’ve been for quite a spell.

All the while, the dream to write books and produce film full time fuels me. Went back to school to finish my Business degree (10 classes to go).

I’ve also dabbled in entertainment reporting, business writing, songwriting, and screenwriting. I love creating relatable, determined, underdog heroines who are closet adventurer’s needing a little push; who put the “extra” in ordinary while defeating the odds to make their lives and those of her family and fee-yine men who love them better.

As a screenwriter/filmmaker, I’ve written, produced, and directed live-action book trailers, film short A Day in the Life of Sarah Jane (2018) as well as a project for Doritos’ Crash the Super Bowl contest (2014).

I’m seeking literary representation for a contemporary romance and action/ adventure-romance.


Grammy Award Winning Legend – Lionel Richie
Television/Film Actress + Filmmaker -Brigitte Kingsley

Television Film Actress, Filmmaker + Singer- Alisa Reyes
Hollywood Stunt Coordinator/Actor: Ilram Choi
Television/Film Actor, Film Producer, Entrepreneur – Brian White
Author | Motivational Speaker -Valorie Burton
Recording Artist | Heather Headley