Thanks for visiting my spot.  I’m a Texas-based writer and independent film producer.

I’ve written, produced, and directed live-action book trailers, film shorts: Fallen Star (2021) and A Day in the Life of Sarah Jane (2018) as well as a project for Doritos’ Crash the Super Bowl contest (2014). Between all that I’ve also self-published novellas and a book of poetry, “Curtains: The Collective Works”.

Current Projects:

  • Rom-com feature (in development)
  • Submitting manuscript queries to lit agents
  • Post-production sci-fi/dystopian short film, “Fallen Star”

Visit my film website, for more information on projects

My gear: Core Camera/Audio Gear: Canon C100 , Apurture VS-1, Tascam Dr40 4-track audio mixer/recorder, Sennheiser HD280 Pro headphones, AudioTechnica Shotgun Mic.

Have a built-in sound/audio/whisper booth for audio/podcasting (voice over work) and green screen capabilities.