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Okay, so finishing funds for sound design didn’t happen. There’s a reason
behind all this, as I’ve stated before in previous posts and I will get to that
when the time is right. 😉

In the meantime, I had to dig deep and go back in time to my
“songwriting” phase to remember some things about music production,.
Keep in mind, I was a songwriter and flutist. I don’t know how to play by ear (but learning).

I know a few piano chords but that’s it. I know what I like to hear and know melodies, the right key etc, but…I’m no audio engineer.

Add to that, other elements of post-production sound, like sound effects, foley, sound editing etc. Bringing all that together to create the right mood, sound, and emotion for your film. I have a video of this process and I’m editing it.

Because this is a process, I will be missing some festival submissions.
There are books I have to read, videos I have to watch so I can learn the

I’m excited but also “mentally” tired. Still the show must go on