Wow. Talk about a blessing.

In 2000 I recorded my first music demo in a studio. I shopped it, but the journey to getting it to that point was a ten-year valley. But one of the people who made it a gentler hike, was my cousin, Eunice. She has a soulful and inspiring voice. Hearing my words come to life was transformational. Then when I paired up melodies with a talented musician, Valenti Funk, who put down the track and arrangement to the melody…well, it was an experience I wouldn’t ever forget.

Valenti went on to “bigger” opps. 😉 And my cousin got married, had children moved into corporate finance. But still held on to her dream.

Me? Well, I’ve written a few books, a short film, and published a book of poetry, but I stopped pursuing music many moons ago.

Fast forward, 20 years, and there’s a music challenge. It’s two days before deadline and not only haven’t I seen a studio in two decades, but the last song I wrote was in 2012. But I see the challenge, think of my cousin, send her the link and press on. I had no intention of participating on any level. But my dear heart, she reeled me in. She was nervous about trying and needed some lyrics to finish the collab.

At first I resisted. But then.. I don’t know, I got a little nostalgic and excited for her. So I cranked out some words in the middle of the night, with the clock ticking. Keep in mind, there’s no sheet music, just 16 bars of a half-finished song, composed by an amazing singer.

A day later, my cousin worked on the melody to the lyrics I wrote and her husband learned the melody, played by ear and they recorded and vocals and piano on a mobile phone, two hours before deadline.

I don’t know what will come of this, but I’m so elated to be a part of it in some way. Please check out the video, like it, comment, subscribe. Show my cuz some support! Lyrics below…

Lyrics /melody by H.E.R + ME, performed by Eunice Francis!

Smiling is free,
and tomorrow may
not be guaranteed
when the seasons change
oh it may not be easy
but I know we’ll make sunshine,
on a rainy day,

Oh life is good even
even with all my doubts, Oh with
faith I know we’ll get there somehow,
there may be some problems,
that we have to face , I know
we’ll make a way

(below is our my lyrics for the last half of song)

when I was lost ,
I kept my feelings bottled up, sewed up,
not ready to believe
So sure I wouldn’t get by, So why even try
But then I think
about all
the wonderful and good
I get thankful for your fight
for me,
I get thankful for the life you give for me
Just know, I know the struggle, and victory
so I hold on