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In the meantime, check out  below writer resources to help you on your journey!

Editing resources, to get you started, such as:

Self-editing for fiction writers” LOVE IT.

Story Genius (LOVE IT)

Troubleshooting Your Novel

As for agent representation & querying, all above = great advice.

It’s quite a bit of research. Why? Because you have to sift through agents (even within your category/genre) to find a match and one that’s accepting submissions.

But don’t worry! There are tons of good resources to locate an agent or publisher for your work. For instance, the Writer’s Digest Guide to Literary Agents 2021 : See link below

Also, as stated above some good agent sifting web resources are:

  • Association of Authors’ Representatives
  • The Association of Authors’ Agents
  • Query Tracker

You have to make sure the agency is legit: They should never charge you to read your book or to submit. They make money by getting you book deals hence, why they are particular about their client list.

Some good warning resources are:

Writer’s Beware:

WB Thumbs Down Agencies:

How to spot a scam agency:

Preditors & Editors Agency warnings: (they went dormant in 2013 but are revamping site so here’s fb group)


While you’re digging, create an excel spreadsheet or join Query Tracker to compile your selected agencies and agents to submit.

  • Don’t send all your queries at once maybe 5-7 a week.
  • Polish your query, synopsis, first pages and “partial – query, synop, first 30 pages) and have it ready to go.

Average reply times range between a few days to a few months, most agencies will tell you their average. Make sure you’re submitting to the right agent in the agency that accepts your genre/category.

Keep refining/polishing your query while you wait . Try credible agent contests like Pitmas, Pitmad , DevPit, AuthorMentor Match, and Pitch Wars to help with your agent search.

Author Mentor Match


Good luck! Excited for you!

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