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Curtains: The Collective Works by [Kandie Delley]

.about the book

If life’s a stage, then people are characters with dramatic entrances and exits. But when you close the curtains you have to be real with who you are. It takes sorting through lessons in the valleys of love, life and pain to appreciate the mountaintops.

If you dare to embrace who you are and love fiercely, explore uncharted emotions and drink from the cup of life, then Curtains: The Collective Works is a must read. It’s for anyone willing to face their personal truths and embrace their authenticity.

.the music demo//1993-2003

The same-titled companion EP soundtrack to the book, “Curtains: The Collective Works” is written and co-produced by Kandie Delley. Music by Valenti.

Although my ultimate desire is to have a film career, I used different paths to acquire it from book publishing, on-camera and voice imaging talent, dance, graphic design, and music production.  Throughout all those transitions and experiences, I wrote free-verse and lyrics, eventually turning those words into a music demo collaboration that I wrote and co-produced. The demo recording lasted from 1993-2003, and was a tool that taught me business management and  the fundamentals of producing.   Six years after the last song was produced, I self-published a book of poetry, “Curtains: The Collective Works” in 2009 which featured a collection of songs and free verse I’d written since 6th grade until 2009, including select songs on the demo.

I worked with many singers over that 10 year period.  I just learned that one passed away, Ms. Sheree “Slo Motion” Waites.  I managed her for a short while and under my management she got to sing with one of her favorite artists at the time, Mr. Tony Thompson of the R&B group “Hi-Five”  before he passed.  #RIP.

Album Reviews

"Kandie's book of poems and lyrics has an universal appeal. Many of us have been, or are, in those sticky places that she writes about. It's a wonderful thing to be able to confirm your forward movement. This is an easy book to read; you can jump in anywhere, read backwards or forwards and be rewarded no matter what.This book is well written, proofed and organized, unlike so many done by small publishers. I would expect nothing less from such a gifted writer and artist."
~Cosette Ratliff, Dallas Public Library 2010
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